Hello and welcome to CinemaShyft.com.  We created this website because year after year some of the best movies, in our opinion, were being left by the wayside unwatched and unloved and we wanted to do what little we could do and try to shine a light on these gems. Whether it’s an older film that younger generations never heard of or a newer original movie that just didn’t have the promotion to reach the masses, we want all good movies to be seen. Our end game would be to “shift” the way the general public picks and chooses the movies they watch for the betterment of the industry so original ideas get out there, rather than the cycle of remakes and reboots we have been in for years. We know that’s a tall order to fill but if we can just reach a few people to open their minds we would consider that a victory. We hope you enjoy the content that we put together for your reading pleasure and don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can make this website a true community.