Horror Movies to watch on Netflix (October Edition) List 3 of 3

The Invitation

The Invitation came out in 2015 and was directed by Karyn Kusama. The movie starts with Will and his girlfriend Kira driving to a dinner party hosted by Will’s ex-wife Eden and her husband, David. The dinner party will also consist of Will and Eden’s friends of the past. Most of them believe this to be sort of a rekindling since Will and Eden divorced, but the movie proves otherwise. It’s very psychological with Will accusing Eden and David of joining a cult and acting very strange the better part of the evening. It reflects on loss and grieving as a couple of our main characters have their different ways of going about it. The awkward tension and ultra suspenseful moments make this a very fun horror-thriller. Definitely one of my favorites of the past 5 years.

Train to Busan

I hate zombie movies. I was just never a fan. But if there ever was one that would change my opinion, it’s Train to Busan. This movie is like a gigantic roller coaster, in that the first fifteen to twenty minutes sets you up and then drops you as hard as possible until the end. Seok-woo and his daughter Su-an board a train to go see her mother and his ex-wife in Busan. A young woman with a bite on her leg boards the train as well, and the zombie plague starts from there. These zombies aren’t your Walking Dead slow zombies. These are the most aggressive zombies I’ve seen in a movie and our living is stuck on a gigantic speeding metal tube. The effects, chills, and thrills will leave you exhilarated when its all said and done. There’s nothing to say bad about Train to Busan other than a lot of people still haven’t seen it.

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