Horror Movies to watch on Netflix (October Edition) List 2 of 3


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Hush came out in 2016 and is written, directed, and edited by Mike Flanagan. The film’s lead, Kate Siegal, co-wrote it with Flanagan. We follow Maddie, a deaf author who lives in the isolated woods by herself. Her only real-life contact is a friend that is reading her new unpublished book that lives nearby. One night a masked stranger comes with slasher intentions. Hush is simple, to the point, and very effective. It’s contained and very thrilling. I don’t know what I would do if a masked killer came to my isolated house in the middle of the night, even with my hearing. The movie definitely puts you in her shoes in chilling ways.


This 2017 Horror from Blumhouse Productions and directed by Akiva Goldsman starts with us meeting the main character, Stephanie, as she goes through her day to day routine alone. Right from the beginning, you can tell that something is off but the film does not give too much away. Towards midway in the movie you kind of get a feel for what’s going on and what the movies “twist” is going to be. Stephanie’s strengths as a film are its mystery and atmosphere it creates but it definitely has its fair share of weaknesses. The acting is pretty good, especially when you consider that most of the screen time is taken by a child. The CGI leaves a lot to be desired and I wish they ended the movie 10 minutes before they did. They really force this movie to have an “unhappy” ending. Even with its flaws, I would still suggest seeing Stephanie for the mystery it creates in the first half of the movie.


Terrifier is a 2017 slasher written and directed by Damien Leone. I will pre-warn you now, this movie isn’t for the faint of heart. There isn’t a whole lot to say about Terrifier except it’s a super underground slasher flick that will leave hardcore fans’ stomachs upset. We mostly follow two young women leaving a Halloween party and almost immediately being tormented by our antagonist, Art the Clown. If this movie was a major release, I can confidently say I believe Art the Clown would be the new face of slasher horror. He is terrifying. Wink Wink. There isn’t a whole lot of story to this one, but the effects and gore will leave frightening imagery burned into your heads for days.

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