Will Slashers Make a Comeback?

We’ve already covered the demon-possession sub-genre of horror and all the trends that came with that last month, but now there is a lurking thought in the back of my mind. With the new Halloween that set to release today, are we going to see a jump in mainstream slashers again? History shows that anytime something does well at the box office and receive’s praise from critic’s; studios will usually jump on the bandwagon and try to get their slice of the pie. When the original Halloween came out in 1978, it sparked the slasher sub-genre like wildfire with Friday the 13th and a Nightmare on Elm Street and many other bad ripoffs too many to count. Unless you’re a devout horror fan and skimmed the murky depths of the horror genre, you probably haven’t seen an actual new slasher movie. They’re out there but buried in your Netflix or Amazon Prime’s digital catalog, not on the silver screen. Movies like Terrifier or Hush will not see the light of day, but we did get Happy Death Day last year, which hardly counts as a “horrifying” slasher movie.

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The excitement around the new Halloween film looks to be promising for a slasher resurgence. Before its official release, it is currently receiving a respectable 81% critic score on rottentomatoes.com and an audience score of 79%, which points to an all-around collectively even score without the disconnect between critics and audience that we see in a lot of blockbusters as of late. With the reprisal of key roles, writers, and directors that have genuine respect for the original work, it is no surprise the direction this film is trending. The direction the writers have taken with the script, making it a direct sequel to the original film rather than a reboot like other slasher films have received, seems to be the right call drawing in the true fans of the franchise while at the same time introducing the legitimate version of the classic character to new viewers. Danny McBride (writer) was quoted as saying “We all came to the decision that remaking something that already works isn’t a good idea. So we have a reimagining instead”.

With Halloween seeming to break the mold and having the property involved with one of the biggest horror studios in the game at the moment, Blumhouse, a resurgence in mainstream slasher horror looks to be on the horizon. If this movie is financially successful, we are sure to see some of the other slashers from the past get similar treatment with the formula used to revive the Halloween franchise and they will most likely come from Blumhouse. When asked on Twitter about the possibilities of reviving other horror franchises, he simply answered “Yes!”. Simple answer but that one word carries so many possibilities, and all I can say is Yes!

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