Sci-Fi Movies You May Have Missed (Netflix Edition)

Welcome to the first Movies you should see list. These lists will be a collaboration from both writers, that way we can give you the best suggestions from two points of view. This list is explicitly sci-fi movies that are currently on Netflix that we feel didn’t get the exposure they deserved. Since sci-fi is a popular genre, it goes without saying that many will get missed. Below you will find our six sci-fi movie suggestions that you can watch today with just a Netflix subscription.

Turbo Kid(Trevor)

Kicking the list off would be the 2015 gem Turbo Kid. Set in an alternate 1997 Earth where water is hard to come by, we follow The Kid; a scavenger in the area called The Wastelands. He unwillingly befriends an odd girl named Apple, and Frederic, a western looking arm wrestling champion. All of whom are opposed by Zeus, the tyrannical overlord of the Wastelands. This movie has a lot going for it whether it’s the immersive 80’s score or the ultra-violent but playful grindhouse carnage. Definitely worth the 95 minute run time.


Released in 2009, Moon is a claustrophobic Sci-Fi mystery that follows Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), a space miner excavating helium-3, a clean energy resource for the earth, and GERTY (voice Kevin Spacey), his companion reminiscent of Hal 9000 from 2001 Space Odyssey. This film takes place with two weeks left of Sam’s 3-year contract where everything is going normal. Well, as normal as it can when you are completely isolated except for the conversations you have with a robot. After Sam notices an issue with some of the excavating equipment and goes to investigate, his long-term isolation takes a toll and mistakes are made. When Sam wakes up back at the base, things start feeling a little strange. If you are in the mood for a movie that has you questioning what’s going on until the very end, and you have 97 minutes, then Moon is for you.

Ex Machina(Trevor)

Ex Machina, a modern must-see for me, you may have read where I gush over it in the A24 article. Alex Garland debuts his directorial skill in this contained Sci-Fi thriller. We follow Caleb, a programmer who wins a weeklong trip to his eccentric CEO’s house/fortress in the middle of nowhere. When he arrives, Nathan (his boss), shows him a humanoid AI that he built named Ava. Nathan wants to run some Turing tests with Caleb and Ava, and things don’t go as planned. All three of the film’s leads bring their A-game and carry this movie until the final frame. Ex Machina is one of my favorite movies from the past five years, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Europa Report(Shaun)

This Sci-fi mystery puts you with the crew of the Europa One on their mission to find proof of life on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, within a possible frozen ocean. This film is made in a found footage style aimed to look like it’s in the process of being made into a  documentary. All of the shots you see are either from Jupiter One’s camera’s on board, video journal entries from the crew, or snippets from the documentary. This movie is a breath of fresh air to the found footage genre with its interesting story and lack of shaky cam that has been a staple of this style movie since its conception.


In 1997’s Sci-Fi/Mystery Cube, five people wake up in an unfamiliar room with tiny doors on every wall. None of them know how they got there or why they’re in the room, but tensions are high from the start. After opening some of the doors, they realize that each of the doors leads to another identical cube room. Unfortunately, they also realize that some of these rooms have deadly traps. Working together they attempt to not only get out of this gigantic cube maze, but they try to find out who’s doing this and why. The limited CGI use is a product of the 90’s, but the practical effects hold up. If you haven’t seen this contained mystery, please do before it’s Netflix exit.


Radius is a Sci-fi mystery from 2017 that follows Liam, as he wakes up with a head injury. As he tries to find help, the only thing that he is met with is death from an unknown cause. He then meets a woman, Jane, and notices that the deaths suddenly stop while he is in her presence. The cinematography is beautiful and gives a feeling of isolation that fits this film perfectly and the ending has a big surprise. If you are in the mood for an original take on a sci-fi mystery, then the answer would be Radius.

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